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Age:  24

Profession:  Illustrator

Years at T.A.D.:  1

Favorite color:   green

Favorite dance move:  Thriller

Favorite word:  

Interview with the artist

     Jasmin what do you love about being an artist at T.A.D.?

             I  am able to work in a positive environment where people aren't afraid to give critiques

     What is one thing you like about yourself?

         I am proud that I encourage critiques and always try to improve

     What do you struggle with?

             I struggle with sensory which effects most of my life. As for art, my weaknesses are backgrounds

     What is your favorite food?

              Au gratin with ham :)

     WHo do you admire?

              I admire my peers who try different things

     What is your spirit animal?

               Probably cats

     What are you most proud of?

               I'm proud that I've tried new things

     What would you do if you could do anything for one day?

         Probably sleep with my cat

     What is your dream?

                To become an illustrator and use my skills to help good causes

     What is your favorite music?

                Any oldies

     What is your favorite quote, or do you have any advice for people?

             Probably try new things and be afraid to experiment

     Where would you like to go, where you have never visited before?

              I would love to go to the Bahamas

     where are you from? Do you like Portland?

         I am from Arundel, Maine

              Portland took getting used to but I like living here

     Thank you, Jasmin!!

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