Name:  MARC

Age:  30

Profession:  musician (guitarist) and artist

Years at T.A.D.:  a long time

Favorite color:   red

Favorite dance move:  Moon walk

Favorite word:  Great!!

Interview with the artist

     Marc what do you love about being an artist at T.A.D.?

             Doing art stuff!

     What is one thing you like about yourself?

         I like to learn new things and I am a good listener

     What do you struggle with?

             Articulation. Feeling like I want to talk but can't say what I want to

     What is your favorite food?

              I love meatball subs, from Subway

     WHo do you admire?

              Amy Lee - my favorite artist

     What is your spirit animal?


     What are you most proud of?

               Doing the things I like to do

     What would you do if you could do anything for one day?

          I would be a  theatrical performer

     What is your dream?

                 Be a cast member in a Kenny Ortega musical

     What is your favorite music?

                  all kinds

     What is your favorite quote, or do you have any advice for people?


     Where would you like to go, where you have never visited before?

                 Not Jerusalem!!  Yellowstone National Park

     where are you from? Do you like Portland?

            Portland.   I love Portland, there's lots to do.

     Thank you, Marc!!