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Age:  22

Profession:  painter/ fine artist

Years at T.A.D.:  about 2 years

Favorite color:   dark red

Favorite dance move:  twists and turns

Favorite word:  A funny word called "Joe Mama"

Interview with the artist

     Nickolai what do you love about being an artist at T.A.D.?

             Painting every realistic picture I can think of!

     What is one thing you like about yourself?

          Detail oriented

     What do you struggle with?

              Trying to stay strong and be healthy

     What is your favorite food?


     Who do you admire?

              Tom Hanks

     What is your spirit animal?


     What are you most proud of?

               A painting of George Washington I created

     What would you do if you could do anything for one day?

         I would fly to different countries I haven't been to

     What is your dream?

               Drive a Mustang!!

     What is your favorite music?

               Country music

     What is your favorite quote, or do you have any advice for people?

              Support local artists and buy their artwork!!

     Where would you like to go, where you have never visited before?

              I would like to go to Australia to see desert animals, specifically kangaroos

     where are you from? Do you like Portland?

         I am from Limington, Maine

              Yes, I like all of the cool art shows and stores in Portland

     Thank you, Nickolai!!

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